Goodbye SF & Ave Maria! [26 jun].
Susanna was personally invited to sing 'Ave Maria' at the wedding of the dutch singer Rob de Nijs and his newly wed Henriette.

It was a wonderful day with a pregnant 'Maria' in a marvelous red dress. Only the bride shined brighter... ;) She and her nice De Nijs fought against tears of joy during the song.

It was truly a 'Maxima'-moment and almost the whole day was broadcasted live by SBS6. And for you as a fan: This was the last moment on stage before the birth of the little star.

Proud & Pregnant! [20 mei].
All the peeps from are proud to present this pic! SF is alive & still kickin' ass on stage.

Actually she's kickin' ass twice as much, because of her pregnancy! This was at a gig with Gospel Boulevard.

We wish her all the luck of the world. If you wanna give her your digital love. Sign the Guestbook! Susanna reads it herself. ;)

(Pic by: O.Jorna/

Floorfiller in Ahoy Rotterdam! [27 jan].
This year for third time Susanna Fields is rockin' Ahoy Rotterdam as a bandmember of the Dutch poplegend mister Rob de Nijs!

In a spectaculair show all the greatest and hottest Dutch artists are playing their hits and singin' along together.

The show, so called 'Vrienden van Amstel LIVE' is celebrating its 10th anivesary and the Divo Rob de Nijs is the final headliner as a real partysmasher.

Join in if you like! It's from 24 january till 3 february. And it will be broadcasted on Dutch national television NPS/NED3 on the 9th of february. Don't miss it. :)

Back in town! [21 nov]
Long time, no see!
Tough times at SF-headquarters. (Check diary!)
La Fields is still writing some new material and not so busy on the road. But now Susanna is back in town!

Which town? Breda to be for real. Because this Sunday (25 nov) SF will play with her band in the warm and cosy pub 'De Bruine Pij'. If you wanna join in. Be there!

Video 'Kyrie' online! [14 jul].
On 'la fete nationale' is it also a big party here at SF-headquarters because the video of 'Kyrie' is finally there.

It's available for everyone on YouTube! So link this video on your MySpace, Hyves or website. And enjoy an accoustic version of 'Kyrie'.

Click here for the 'Kyrie'-song!
Click here for all SF-stuff on YouTube!

SF live acoustic on radio 100%NL [5 jul]
This whole week the debutalbum 'All of this is really Me' was so called 'cd of the week' at radiostation 100%NL!

DJ Simone Wijnands spinned the record each day in her daily show. Yesterday SF did a short interview by phone and tonight she will play live acoustic in the studio!

Don't miss it and listen between 23hrs and 24hrs to 100%NL. Click here for the live-stream! [And then on the button 'luister live!' on the left-upper-side-section.]

NEW: Video "Underground" online! [1 jul]
Two weeks ago Susanna Fields did a rocky live-version of 'Underground' at dutch national popradio 3FM.

Guilty Nature Records was there and creative director MV filmed it and turned 'Underground' into a real Video! Check it out on YouTube.

Click here ->
And rate that video if you like it! :P

2x national popradio! [22 jun]
Her nomination for Concert at Sea brought Susanna Fields on air on 3FM. Last sunday she had a chance to play there one song with the whole band!

They played 'Underground' live and even DJ Klaas was impressed. It rocked and Susanna did an interview about Concert at Sea.

Unfortunate SF didn't make it into the 'Nieuwe Revu' Stage but... The good news: on july 5th Susanna is invited to play at the radiostation 100% NL.

The whole week DJ Simone Wijnands will air songs of 'All of this is really Me' and on thursday SF will play a live accoustic set!

Vote for Susanna and win a free ticket! [12 jun]
Guess what! Today we got the awesome news that Susanna Fields is nominated by the leading Dutch magazine Nieuwe Revu for Concert at Sea!

Concert at Sea is a big festival organised by Blof, one of the most popular bands in the Netherlands. Blof, Van Velzen and De Dijk are rocking the stage.

But now Susanna really needs your help! You have to vote for SF to get her on stage at Concert at Sea. When you vote, you have a chance to win free tickets for the festival.

So it is good for you and for Susanna! :P You only have to fill in your name and your email-adress. Click on the following link and vote:

Supportact Blof [31 May 20.00 u.]
Ralph van Manen played an intimate but rocky acoustic set together with Susanna Fields, Robert & Tommy Riekerk in the IJsselhallen in Zwolle.

They were the supportact for one of the biggest dutch bands at the moment: Blof!

Afterwards Susanna & Robert met leadsinger Pascal and they talked about gigs, microphones, guitars, rock 'n roll and how to treat your voice right! :P

And what a coincidence.. A couple of days later Susanna Fields is nominated by the Dutch magazine Nieuwe Revu for Concert at Sea, organised by Blof!

Sus rocked in Croatia! [22 May 22:10 u].
BIG PARTY ON A SATURDAY NIGHT.. as Susanna sings in her song WASTED ENERGY.. Well.. saturdaynight May 19th was not wasted energy at all! It was a beautiful night..
SF and her band did a great concert at Kristfest and the Croatian people loved it!
[the full story will be in her diary soon]

SF band goes crazy in Croatia! [22 May 22:10 u].
On friday May 18th the SF band (& Wilfred Stegehuis, the Flevo booker) flew to Croatia to do a concert at Kristfest in Osijek, the 4th biggest city of Croatia.
This pic is made by Wilfred after he asked the band to watch the camera seriously...

Lumen loves SF! [23 apr 17:45u].
SF really enjoyed Slovakia and the Lumen Festival was great! Such an enthousiastic crowd...
They felt in love with Susanna!:P Check my DIARY for the complete story and PHOTO for more pics...

Lumen loves SF! [23 apr 17:45u].
We heard that Susanna wants to come back next year!

Susanna in Slovakia! [20 apr 15:30 u].
Susanna Fields really kicks ass in Eastern Europe! First her song 'Where do we go from here' was recorded by the Slovakian Idol finalist Martin Kelecsényi.

This weekend there will be a new edition of Festival Lumen in Slovakia and Susanna Fields will rock the stage on fridaynight! And next month SF will play in Croatia. For more info check the tourdates...

SF on Walk4Water! [20 mar 10:16u].
On saturday march 24th SF will play an acoustic set on the Walk4Water event in Lelystad. Angelique (Idols) will be also on stage. And there's no entrance-fee!

If you want to run for Walk4Water and help the refugees to get clean drinkingwater... Join in and click here for more info!

SF and X-Factor-Sharon! [20 feb 13:00u].
Together with the blackgospel choir Gospel Boulevard Susanna Fields performed in the semi-finals of the popular live-TV-show X Factor.

For years semi-finalist Sharon [on the pic] is one of the members of this great choir GB. So she and Susanna Fields go way back! ;) Sharon even sang on SF's wedding-party a couple of years ago...

SF and Gospel Boulevard on the set! [20 feb 13:00u] .
One last soundcheck and a quick rehearsal the day before the live-show on RTL4 in one of Europes biggest TV-studio's in 'Hillywood'.

Gospel Boulevard will accompany all the three semi-finalists. They sing two songs each. So you can enjoy GB & SF singin' 6 songs!

During the show everybody (including the jury!) was overwhelmed by the quality and the sound of Gospel Boulevard. They rock! But didn't we allready knew that?! :P

And guess what... Sharon made it into the finals!! So come on and support her next week!

Livin' like a millionaire! [23 jan 22:11 u]
After the Mediterranean Sea and South Africa Susanna Fields is on a cruise again. Together with German singer Irvin Doomes she is cruisin' on the cruiseship MS Europa around the Carribean!

Swimming with stingrays on the Cayman Islands, swinging with the rasta people on Jamaica and having a BBQ on the Bahama Islands![photo]. Isn't she a lucky bastard?!

Yeah... She had to do some singin' too... duhh!

Starrin' with a bigband! [23 jan 22:11u]
On board of the MS Europa SF did a show with Irvin Doomes (swingin' on the left!) and the famous german SWR Bigband.

And together with a few musicians of the SWR Bigband Susanna Fields rocked another night long during a jamsession. (You should have been there!) :)

But most of the time SF was enjoying the sun, some cocktails, and tropical islands... What a hell of a job, being a singer! :P

She also met some interesting people during her stay on the 'Love Boat'. For instance German famous rockstar Udo Lindenberg. (Check her diary!)

And guess what: next months SF will play with Irvin Doomes in Lissabon and Monte Carlo! And with her own band Susanna is invited to play in Slovakia. We'll keep you posted!

Still Singin'... [9 dec 16:15 u]
Although it seems a little quiet, Susanna's still singing around. These dark December days she's doin' several christmas gigs with the best blackgospel choir of Holland: 'Gospel Boulevard'.

And during the Dutch Elections Susanna sang together with Ralph van Manen again some songs for the Prime Minister JPB and his party CDA.

Hot news: Susanna is working on some new material! noticed her practising some new tunes. We keep you posted!

Miss Fields at Flevo! [31 aug 22:02 u]
It felt great to be scheduled between The Violet Burning and Luna Halo on the Saturday-evening of the cosy dutch Flevo Festival!

And Susanna Fields made it happen with her white boots and her amazin' black&white dress.

Her band was tight as a Swiss clockwork and the crowd was singin' along the new single. If you where there, tnx for joining Susanna!

One new (old) song was added on the setlist: the Guns 'n Roses ballad 'Sweet child of mine' and it really kicked in, didn't it?!

It has been a marvelous summer, the sun is shining again, the glasses are on and the second single of Susanna Fields is doin' quite well!

The popular Dutch radioshow 'Radio Tour de France' (Radio 1) had Sunshiny Glasses a several times on their playlist during the summer.

As you can see [click here] Radio 2 in Belgium has also discovered Susanna's talent! And VPRO alternative radioshow 3voor12 has put Sunshiny Glasses on their website [listen here].

Last but not least: One of the best DJ's of Holland, the famous shockjock Giel Beelen (3FM) invited Susanna Fields to play live in his morningshow GIEL on 3FM.

More details about this later on!

New single: Sunshiny Glasses! [28 jun 10:55 u]
Yeah! The second single is born. Tnx for your recommendations. We've got several emails and the absolute winner is: Sunshiny Glasses.

That's funny caus' in the first place we already wanted Sunshiny Glasses to be the second single. Caus' it's such a sunshiny song!

The second track is an accoustic live-recording of 'Broken Things' [Recorded at radio 3FM].

If you are a DJ and you wanna spin Sunshiny Glasses but you don't have the single yet, please give us your adress and you'll get it!

Tnx to Pankra, Eljee, Mailmen and Mr Zwalve for making this marvelous masterpiece!

PS: On 8th of July Susanna Fields is goin' to do a showcase in Amsterdam for the biggest bandcontest of Holland 'De Grolsch Grote Prijs van Nederland'. If you are not on holiday yet, support Susanna and shout her into the semi-finals!

PPS: There's new stuff in Susanna's Diary!

Choose the next SF single! [7 jun 17:45 u]
Together with Munich Records, Guilty Nature Records is going to launch the second SF single before the summer falls in.

We like to hear from the real Susanna Fields fans what you recommend as hitsingle. So spin your SF-CD again, think about it and let us know your favourite song!

Please leave your recommendation in the guestbook.

SF & the Prime Minister! [1 jun 21:04 u]
Susanna did an awesome show at the congress of Holland's biggest political party CDA [see below].

And therefore she was invited to play at the surpriseparty of Prime Minister Balkenende. He was celebrating his 50th birthday.

Only his family, his dearest friends and his closest colleagues were there. And they were stunned by the magical voice of Susanna!

NB: Read more in Susanna's Diary!

SF & Cool Politics! [30 may 22:10 u]
No, it's not the birthday of Susanna's grandma, it's the national congress of the CDA. That's the biggest political party of Holland at the moment.

And Susanna Fields was invited to play for a whole bunch of Dutch political leaders. Rock on! Cool Politics of MTV eat your heart out... :P

IJsselhallen rocks! (1) [4 may 15:37 u]
On Queensnight Susanna Fields did an awesome show in Zwolle. She rocked in 'de IJsselhallen'. The biggest stage so far and it felt like home. We want móóóre!! :P

IJsselhallen rocks! (2) [4 may 15:37 u]
Pics made by dre dB. tnx! More pics will be online soon...

Susanna on national TV & 3FM! [20 apr 16:43 u]
This Easterweekend Susanna Fields did her song 'Kyrie' on national TV in the daily kidsshow blinQ on Zapp [NED3].

Together with her guitarist Robert Riekerk and guestvocal Ralph van Manen she did an accoustic close harmony version of her first single. Did you enjoy it?!

And on sunday SF did 4 accoustic songs on Dutch national popradio 3FM. Besides the single 'Kyrie' Susanna did 'All the same', 'Broken things' and 'Deepest part'.

Did you listen to SF on radio 2? [2 apr 23:11 u]
SF did a great job on dutch national pop radio 2. She performed live and not accoustic (as we said before)! With her whole band Susanna Fields sang 3 wonderful songs.

DJ Daniel Dekker did a nice interview with Susanna Fields [see upper photo] about producers, finally writin' your own stuff, the new album and the first single 'Kyrie'.

Even radio 3FM/BNN DJ Sander Lantinga loved the songs of Susanna and he invited her to rock on in his fridaynight-show 'Lantinga & Swijnenberg'...

More details about this later on!

Susanna Fields on radio 2! [30 mar 23:03 u]
This saturday SF is playin' on dutch national popradio 2! With an accoustic set of 3 songs Susanna will rock at the TROS-muziekcafé [Studio Plantage in Amsterdam].

If you wanna join in... Come over to Amsterdam, Plantage kerklaan 36 [besides Artis Zoo]. You can also enjoy Susanna on Radio 2, 16:00 hrs - 18:00 hrs. does allready know the setlist... Beside her first single 'Kyrie' Susanna is goin' to sing 'All the same' and 'Broken Things'.

More info and soon some pics: click here!

Release part (y) I [19 mar 22:03]
It was such a hot night on a cold wednesday evening in Utrecht. In the cosy club Ekko Susanna Fields sang most of the songs of her debutalbum.

The band was steady & steamin' leaded by the curly drummer René de Vries. Good friends Ralph & Tommy did an amazing balad together with Susanna and the crowd was cheerin' for more.

As you can see: Susanna Fields is ready for take off!
So if you wanna have SF at your place... Contact her bookingsagency! :)

Release part (y) II [19 mar 22:03 u]
Susanna Fields is singin' in front and Tommy [mister Black] is makin' love with his guitar in the back. These pics were made by Tim Frieke. Tnx dude! :)

You're indeed invited! [11 mar 23:01 u]
Tickets are only available at the entrance of Ekko... So make sure you're on time! You better be, caus' Brown Feather Sparrow is goin' to support Susanna Fields. :)

See ya'll this wednesday 15th of march in Utrecht!

Susanna in the Eurovision Shop [5 mar 17:02 u]
For all ya Eurovision Song Contest lovers out there: Yes, the song 'Over the Moon', is on Susanna's debutalbum as well! If you didn't know: Susanna did this song at the Dutch National Song Contest in 2003.

On 'All of this is really me' 'Over the Moon' appears in a lovely new version. More accoustic and with a little bit of 'Air'-influences. You can listen to it in the SF musicplayer on the right. [sample number 10]

If you like it (and the album) you can buy it in Susanna's Shop, but it's also available in the Eurovision Shop as well! :P

Click here for:

Eljee rocks! [3 mar 18:39 u]
Susanna's favorite photographer Eljee has a brand new website. And it's marvelous. You'll have to check it out!

And if you like pics of Susanna Fields. Stop readin' and go for it, caus' there are many [never shown] SF-pics. Some aren't even in the cd-booklet, but so beautiful.

Click here to enjoy the SF-pics!

'Kyrie' on national popradio 3FM! [23 feb 16:48 u]
DJ Paul Rabbering was spinning Susanna Fields first single 'Kyrie' in his daily show on dutch national popradio 3FM (14:00 - 16:00 hrs) in a musicquiz called 'popduel'!

'Kyrie' was also on Radio 2, Radio 747, WOS Radio, Bright FM and some other local stations.

So keep stalkin' your favourite DJ... It works! :P

And if you are a (local) DJ and you didn't receive this marvelous single yet, don't worry! You can find 'Kyrie' also on the OLON-single-top-100-sampler Volume 329.

Join the party! [15 feb 9:08 u]
This week (9 feb 2006) is the official release of Susanna Fields debutalbum 'All of this is really me' by Munich Records... Available in every musicstore in Holland!! So go to your local shop and get your own SF-masterpiece.

With an official release comes an official releaseparty! :) You're gonna regret it if you miss this special gig! So come over and join Susanna Fields on the 15th of march in Ekko (Utrecht), a fine & cosy club in the centre of Holland.

If you wanna promote this releaseparty in your hometown, please let us know. Then we will send you a bunch of flyers. NB: a digital version of the flyer is also available!

If you are press, please let us know by email if you are planning to come. Then you'll receive a pressmap with pics, bio & other stuff!

PS: Susanna's first single 'Kyrie' is already on the radio! Keep on stalkin' your favourite DJ to spin 'Kyrie'! :)

Susanna rocks for oneMen! [2 feb 18:21 u]
On 26th of february Susanna will rock for oneMen. But hopefully not for 'one man'. :P So... You are indeed invited!

It's a nice and cosy festival on a cold sunday-evening in Amersfoort [de Observant] with lots of other good musicians... And yes, for the benefit of oneMen!

oneMen believes that one person can make the difference between justice and injustice, between poverty and well-being. This is why oneMen supports small-scale projects...

And that's why Susanna believes in oneMen! If YOU believe in oneMen and you like to see Susanna play accoustic. You have to come to Amersfoort. :)

Awesome Ahoy! [30 jan 23:15 u]
Yesterday was the last day of an awesome week in Ahoy... It was for the third time in 4 years that mister Rob de Nijs conquered 'De Vrienden van Amstel Live' and the crowd loved it...

But what a shock for the audience to see Susanna on such a big screen! [6 x 20 metres] :P

Susanna is singin' in Rotterdam Ahoy! [28 jan 13:07 u]
For 8 days in a row Susanna is singin' with mister Rob de Nijs in a fully loaded Rotterdam Ahoy. The atmosphere is awesome... At least 10.000 people per night!

They share the stage with the top of the whole Dutch popscene. To mention a few: De Dijk, Van Dik Hout, Di-Rect, Xander, Sarah Bettens, Racoon, etc.

The concept is called 'De Vrienden van Amstel Live' and if you not gonna see them live... No problem! It's on national TV: this sunday, 29th january 21:00 u RTL4! Don't miss it...

Back from South Africa! [26 jan 21:10 u]
This is the mighty MS Europa... On this fabulous cruiseship full of rich and famous Germans Susanna did perform twice in two weeks with the German/American singer Irvin Doomes.

What a job! She enjoyed Namibie, Port Elisabeth, several cocktails, Kaapstad and the famous 'Tafelberg'.

Susanna also met some new and old friends in South Africa. Darren [guitarist of Eminent Child] and Jeremy Camp [wellknown singer in the US].

Maybe Darren wants to record a duet with Susanna in May. So... Maybe she's goin' to South Africa again this spring!

PS: Read more in Susanna's Diary!

Singin' in South Afrika! [7 jan 22:15 u]
Together with the famous german singer Irvin Doomes Susanna Fields is singin' in South Afrika!

For 2 weeks Susanna will join the exlusive MS Europa Cruise and between some coctails, enjoyin' the South African sun, several lions, elephants and other wild life, they'll do a gala-show on this marvelous ship.

So after Susanna has visited Durban, Port Elisabeth, Mossel Bay and other exotic harbours the promotion campaign for the first single Kyrie will start.

A textmessage from 'tha lady' in South Africa: 'it's superb! It's sunny & funny. 30 C degrees!! I feel like a burger on a bqq. Such a different world out here. Pfff, hard work being a singer. ;) Take care!'

First single: Kyrie! [20 dec 23:42 u]
Tonight the artwork of the first single of Susanna Fields has been created in Pankra Studio... Congratulations!

Do you like it?! Leave a comment in Susanna's guestbook... And buy it at the next SF-gig. :P

In january 2006 Munich Records will distribute the album and they'll do a radio-promotion-campaign with this first single.

Do you wanna help Susanna to the top? Ask your favourite deejay to spin 'Kyrie'! ;)

Susanna is rockin' around! [13 dec 2005 23:18 u]
This weekend SF was playin' in 'Het Kasteel' in Susanna's hometown Alphen a/d Rijn. SF shared the stage with Brown Feather Sparrow and it was a wonderful evening...

Besides her own songs Susanna did one beautiful song of Over The Rhine... Latter Days. If you where there: hope you did enjoy it!

Soon there will be pics of this concert available at the photo-section.

PS: Susanna has written in her diary! :P

Download Susanna's songs! [16 nov 19:29 u]
Now available: legal SF-downloads. Thanx to you can get your own favorite SF-song on your i-POD or MP3-player for only 0,99 euro!

So tell your friends about it! It's fun, it's easy and - the most important thing - it's cheap. :P

Click here to download your own songs!

Susanna Fields vs. Sara Bjórklund! [29 oct 21:35 u]
Susanna already found a perfect bookingsagent...
It's the lovely Sara Bjórklund! Sara is going to plan the first SF-tour ever. Good luck, Sara! :)

The tour will be in january 2006. If you can't wait untill then, don't be afraid and check out the tourdates. Susanna will soon be playin' in Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Alphen a/d Rijn.

If you wanna have Susanna at your place, check out or send an email to:

Susanna's first hit! [23 oct 18:04 u]
Slovakian Idols-Superstar Martin Kelecsényi has recorded Susanna's song 'Where Do We Go From Here' on his album 'Ten Cas Pride'.

His album has released in october in Slovakia (SONY/BMG) and it directly shot to top of the slovakian hitparade in 2nd position!

This weekend Susanna's got her own copy of Martin's cd. And the funny thing is that 'Where Do We Go From Here' has been translated into the slovakian language! :P

N.B.: If you are press and you want a copy
of both songs please send an email to!

A deal with Munich Records! [22 oct 16:00 u]
Susanna's got a record deal with Munich Records! The official release of 'All of This is Really Me' will be in january. So then the album will be available in every local music-store.

If you can't wait so long, you can pre-order it in Susanna's shop or buy it on the next gig!

Munich Records and Guilty Nature Records have chosen 'Kyrie' to be the first single to rock the charts. More details about the release of the single will follow later on.

Singin' for 50 milion people! [14 oct 8:30 u]
At this moment Susanna's flying to Los Angeles. To sing a song during the service in the world famous Crystal Cathedral of dr. Schuller. So there will be 50 million(!) people around the world watching Susanna...

With the dutch singers Ralph van Manen and Tommy Riekerk, Susanna is invited as one of the 'special 50th anniversary guests'. Together they'll sing one song during the service.

It will be broadcasted worldwide, so you don't have to miss it. :P For all the dutch peeps: Watch 'the hour of power' on October 30th on RTL5 at 09.00 o'clock and see Susanna singin'!

Gelredome Guerilla Flyer-attack! [1 okt 23:00 u]
If you found this flyer on your carwindow or you get it during the Gelredome Guerilla Flyer-attack after the Michael W. Smith-concert, send an email to Susanna ( for a special and personal SF-surprise!

If you already have the flyer, but you didn't get it during the GGF-attack, don't hesitate to send an email too... You will also receive your own personal SF-surprise! :P

Wonderful wrapper! [24 aug 22:01 u]
The full packaging is complete! The first order has been shipped and it's probably on his way to you...

Including this wonderful wrapper. If you already have your copy without the wonderful wrapper, don't panic. You'll get your own WW later on. Don't hesitate to ask for it on the next SF-gig at the merch-table. Go dutch, caus' it's for free!

New pics online [15 aug 23:50 u]
Susanna did an awesome first show at Flevo! La Luna was packed and the crowd loved Susanna and her boyz...

View more pics under 'photo'. Also 'old' pics from the recording-period at Studio Dufry available! Check it out.

Now: Special Price! [11 aug 09:15 u]
This is for all the peeps who gonna support Susanna at her first gig... We have a special offering for you!

Normally the CD will cost you Eur 17,50 but you get an 'one-and-only-first-gig-discount'... Right after the show in La Luna you can take away the CD for only Eur 15,- Isn't that amazing?!

Make sure you'll meet Susanna afterwards for an autograph or a photo. During the flevofest. 'All of this is really me' will also be available at the Sallytent for a special price of Eur 16,-

Enjoy the music & see ya'll at flevo!

Unique set of special postcards! [10 aug 22:35 u]
A musthave for every real Susanna Fields fan. Now available: this wonderful set of Susanna Fields postcards. It comes in a set of four. Romantic red, bluesy blue, grassy green and yahoooooooo yellow! :P

Funny to cheer up your agenda! And for the boyz: an easy way to trick your grandma. Send her a SF-postcard to tell her that you have a new girlfriend or something stupid like that. :)

For more details: check the shop! For all the visitors that show up at Susanna's first gig at flevo we have a special offering. Check it out friday the 12th at La Luna!

Pre-order now: 'All of this is really me' [10 aug 01:15 u]
You can already pre-order Susanna's brand new album 'All of this is really me' in our shop! The cd will be available at the flevo fest. too... So be sure you'll get one!

If you have any difficulty in making an order in our shop. Please let us know! Send an email to

Hammond & backings! [12 jul 15:03 u]
The recordings are done right now. Everything is on tape (read: in the computer!). Mr André 'quickfinger' Bijleveld did an amazing job on his hammond as you can see above.

The backings where done by Sus, Tommy (beautiful on 'Broken things'), Ralph, René and Minco. It was great fun. Please come back soon for an artwork-update!

First gig! [10 jul 18:15 u]
If you wanna be at the first Susanna Fields gig ever, you have to come to the flevo fest. Cause that's where it all gonna happen!

Susanna rocks the stage of La Luna at friday the 12th. And a day later on saturday the 13th. she will be playing an acoustic set at the Sally tent!

'All of this is really me' will be available then! So support Susanna by buying this wonderful album. For details check 'tourdates'!

Finishing the record at Mailmen! [8 jul 22:03 u]
From the 28th of june till the 12th of july Susanna Fields is recording and mixing at the Mailmen studio in Utrecht.

Producer Minco Eggersman [on drums above] and engineer Martijn Groeneveld [behind the table] will also do the mastering at this beautiful studio!

At the end of this week the recordings will be finished...

Also starring on the pics:
In the middle with a crazy face: Tommy Riekerk
On the left, behind the piano: René de Vries

At studio Dufry in Amsterdam! [23 jun 18:12 u]
These weeks are amazing... The tunes made by Susanna with her 'first-little-lousy-recording-machine' in the middle of the night on the bench are turning into real songs!

René and Minco did a wonderful job at studio Dufry in Amsterdam. They are such genious guys! Although the pics above tell another story... Something like: this music is boring... :P But it isn't! It totally rocks and you'll dig it!