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All of this is really me
The first solo-album of Susanna Fields. Pure, intense and sometimes vulnerable and rocky at the same time.

Most of the songs are written by Susanna Fields, Minco Eggersman [At the close of every day, The spirit that guides us] and René de Vries [This beautiful mess, Rollercoaster 23].

This album is recorded at studio Dufry in Amsterdam and at the Mailmen studio in Utrecht. It is mastered by Martijn Groeneveld [Face tomorrow, Solo].

Click on track title to view lyrics:
1. All the same
2. Sunshiny glasses
3. Deepest part
4. The sky behind the rain
5. Underground
6. Little girl
7. Broken things
8. Where do we go from here
9. Wasted Energy
10. Over the moon
11. Kyrie
12. Happiness belongs to me