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- Susanna Fields  
Susanna Fields
Susanna Fields was raised in a very creative and talented family. The story goes that she could sing before she even start talking. So it wasn't a wonder that Susanna became a welknown singer at an early age.

Soon she did national TV shows and nowadays Susanna Fields is a wellknown singer in the national- and international musicindustry.

Susanna Fields is a rare combination of a popdiva and a rockchick. And that's why her debutalbum 'All of this is really me' is sometimes vulneralbe and rocky at the same time.

For this album she wrote most of the songs with Minco Eggersman and René de Vries. These genious guys are also producing the record. You can compare Susanna’s music with the music of f.e. popdiva’s like Lisa Loeb and Sheryl Crow. But it’s typically Susanna Fields because of her special voice combined with the catchy guitarpop and the progressive production.

You might not know because it’s a secret but Susanna is the voice behind Mad’house (a dance artist produced by Digidance) and those singles have been released in 5 european country’s. And if you pay attention you can hear Susanna’s voice in many jingles on national radiostations (AVRO / NCRV / 3FM) and commercials f.e. the World Wide Fund of Nature.

Guess what... Susanna sings on more than 60 cd's (!) She worked f.e. with famous dutch artists as Rob de Nijs, Marco Borsato, Guus Meeuwis, Margriet Eshuys, Linda Wagenmakers and the dutch Idols artists.

Even Hollywood has heard of Susanna Fields because she sings the soundtrack “Tabooh” in the Hollywoodmovie “A foreign affair”. The same counts for the titlesong of the dutch movie ‘Snowfever’. And with the song ‘Over the Moon’ Susanna participated in The National Songcontest and yes, this song is re-arranged and re-recorded for 'All of this is really me'.

For several years Susanna did backingvocals in the band of the dutch singer Rob de Nijs and performed with him in national television shows and in the dutch and belgium theatres. Highlight of the season: ‘Vrienden van Amstel Live’ in Rotterdam Ahoy and shows in a packed Amsterdam ArenA.

Since 1999 Susanna is a bandmember of the successfull dutch singer Ralph van Manen who had a number 1 hit in the US with the song “Testify to love”. Cliff Richard recorded some of Ralph van Manen’s songs on his last album. Susanna sings on 5 of his albums and did concerttours with him through whole Europe. She wrote a couple of songs together with Ralph for her debutalbum.

Even the whole german government was impressed by Susanna’s singing during the Bundespressebal in Berlin. She is one of the vocals of the American/German singer Irvin Doomes. With him she did shows on the Breitling Messe in Basel and on the Cruiseship MS Europa during a tour on the Mediterrenean Sea. So book a cruise and meet Sus!